We provide IHSA trained safety coordinators to


help keep the work sites safe. 


We also provide the following:


- inspections


- audits


- tool box talks 


- incident/accident investigations


- participate with the JHSC

Trained workers to help keep your workers safe while performing work in confined spaces.

Confined Space Attendants & Confined Space Rescue

Ensure your workers are safe at every moment of their


job is #1 priority to every Attendant we provide. Each


one professionally trained to be a Confined Space


Attendant or Rescuer. Our rescuers are trained in skeds,


SCBAs, rope rescue, and advanced rescue techniques.


Our attendants are trained in mine rescue first aid and


ready to respond if the circumstance should arise.

                      Safety Training

Disinfectant Fogging Services

Let us work to help keep your business and work


areas safe for your customers, clients and staff. We


use a Pet, Plant, Food, and Environmentally friendly


product that, combined with proper cleaning


practices, will disinfect your area, killing bacteria,


viruses, mold, yeast and fungi.